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Supporting our community during these trying times

Uvalde Strong

Resources for the Community


Resources for

For victims and families of victims please access support and resources at the Fairplex located at 215 Veterans Ln, Uvalde, TX 78801.


Additional resources include:


The Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country, which serves 10 counties, including Uvalde, has established the Uvalde Strong Fund to support victims, their families, and others affected by the mass shooting incident.

To donate, visit


First State Bank of Uvalde has set up an account for donations. If you would like to donate to the Robb School Memorial Fund, please call us at 830-278-6231 and ask for Roxanne Hernandez, Chance Neutze or Cody Smith for any questions.  


You can also drop off donations at any of our branch locations or mail them to: PO Box 1908, Uvalde TX 78802.  

Make checks payable to Robb School Memorial Fund


Zelle account to digitally send donations.

This page will update as additional resources become available.

Family Resiliency Center

The Uvalde Together Resiliency Center is provided important centralized resources to families and the community impacted by the Robb Elementary School tragedy. Counseling and other services are available in both English and Spanish.

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Uvalde Together Resiliency Center Flyer (English & Spanish)1024_3.jpg
Uvalde Together Resiliency Center Flyer (English & Spanish)1024_4.jpg
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